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About the Artist: Susann Haas

What started out as a hobby, developed into a passion and in 2007 Twigs And Moss was born. Now my work can be seen in stores all over the country. I love art and creating and most of all working for with all of my wonderful customers! I was an art major in college, but somehow ended up in the food service business. I owned a small cafe in Ann Arbor, Michigan for 17 years. After I sold it I knew I needed something to do. While in NYC I saw my first reverse decoupage piece and loved it. I decide to learn to create some pieces for friends and family and from there the business has grown. I currently live in South Carolina and am able to look out my studio window and see the lovely Lowcountry and find inspiration for my work.             

Thank you for your interest in Twigs And Moss

Susann Haas

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