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Dedicated to the Art of De Coupage

A french word, but examples of the process have been discovered in China that date from about 200 B.C. 

Our application method, while smilar to that process, is to apply an antique image to the bottom of a clear glass tray, that will be visible from the top. This process creates a finished piece that, we believe, adds a glimmer and depth that stimulates visual interest. 

All of our products are designed, created, and signed, here in lovely South Carolina, by Susann and all of the clear glass trays come from a small glass company in Pennsylvania. The trays are all "made in America". 

We really appreciate that you chose to visite the website. It is available to all for viewing and the gathering of ideas, but we only sell to retailers and designers. To protect those who are our customers, we do not include pricing on this website. 

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