Blue Seahorse S-57

2 Blue Coral S-79

Seaweed Study #27 S-112

Shaded Blue Coral S-84

Green and Purple Seaweed S-120

Two Blue Coral S-155

Fitch Coral and Seaweed VII S-134

Robin Egg Blue

Coral #10 S-450

Sea Life

Teal and Beige Coral S-1

Two Seahorse S-156

Seaweed Study #33 S-113

Robin Egg Blue

Coral #4 S-452

Navy Coral #1 S-408 

Navy Nautilus S-149

Seaweed Study #34 S-114

Blue Coral Branch S-243

Pink Seaweed #2 S-3

Blue Caeruleus S-147 

Navy Coral #3 S-411

Navy Coral #4 S-410

Seaweed Study #14 S-111

Seashell Study S-15

Bumpy Coral S-109

Blue Octopus S-154

Blue Crab S-151

Large Blue Coral 1730 S-95

Blue Sand Dollar

Front and Back S-409

Fitch Green Seaweed

Bright Blue Seaweed S-110

Navy Coral #2 S-412 

Fitch Pink Seaweed S-133

Pink Seaweed #1 S-2

Blue Nautilus S-536

Blue Sea Coral S-229

Robin Egg Blue

Coral #2 S-451