White Dog and Dalmatian C-3

Springer Spaniel C-13

3 Basset Hounds C-8

Fox Hound C-12

Whitley Jet Black Lab C-432

Sideview of Jack Russell C-111

4 White Terriers C-28

Tawney Pomeranian C-424

Fox Hounds with Terrier C-113

3 Dachshunds C-203

White Poodle C-121

Black Lab with Ducks C-63

Churchill English Bulldog C-426


Seated White Highland Terrier C-505

4 Spaniels C-124

Pug face C-563

Dachshund Family C-48

Dick Stone's Bulldog C-401

1 Black and 1 White Poodle C-146

Countess Howe's Labs C-400

2 English Bulldogs C-138

Drowsy King Charles C-140

Golden Retriever Face C-24

Cassel's English Bulldogs C-2

Cassel's Jack Russels C-27

Yellow Lab Profile C-136

Geraloo's Geisha (German Shepherd) C-312 

Dick Stone Bulldog C-451

Dachshund Pup C-123