Bullhead #1 A-452

Two Bats with Castle A-353

Male and Female Fox with Pups A-118

Cow with Two Men A-41

Bunnies Over Script A-70

Running Bunny A-57

Common Brown Bear A-503

Squirrel Eating A-40

Elephant Facing Right A-73

Red Fox Facing Left A-450


Hare Study A-283

Dark Blue Whale A-281

2 Deer Drinking A-351

Fox Portrait A-114

Bottom Rabbit A-117

Folkart Fox A-26

Bunny Ears A-555

Bullhead #2 A-453

Cow with One Man A-4

Two Bats Over Script A-111

Bat with Black and White Woods A-3

Resting Bunny A-58

Brown and White Cow A-108

Slim Whale A-216

3 Whales with Seals A-48

Bat Study A-4

3 Deer A-253

Whales Being Hunted with Ship A-49

Ewe and Lamb A-30

Bunny FIg. E A-123

Standing Bunny A-60